ISIS Recoil Pads

ISIS Recoil Pads

ISIS Recoil Pads

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ISIS Recoil Pads


Both Types available

  • ISIS X Pad in 3 lengths 11mm , 14mm , 19mm
  • ISIS Fully adjustable pad in 2 lengths 20mm , 25mm

    ISIS Fully Adjustable Recoil Pad

    The ISIS Fully Adjustable Recoil Pad fitted by Ron Huffman

    Following on from the success of the ISIS Green Pad Recoil Pad, our engineers have developed a fully adjustable recoil pad where the mechanism is an integral part of the pad itself. This system allows maximum thickness of the recoil and vibration absorbing material with minimum thickness of the adjustment mechanism, requiring least reduction in stock length.


    The body and base plate of the pad are made from extremely tough impact absorbing polymer, making the whole unit lightweight and easy to machine.

Designed and developed to fulfil the requirement for a more effective recoil pad using the latest technology and design.

Using Lamina technology developed by Recoil Systems for the Green Pad, we have taken this successful design one step further.

As with all our pads, the XPad is lightweight, tailored for either right or left hand use, easy to fit and is also available in the EvoComp configuration.

The base layer is pliable, and highly energy absorbent, while the facing layer is firmer and flexible; both of these materials are manufactured specifically for Recoil Systems.

The combination of different densities allows the pad to mould to the individual shape of each shooters’ shoulder, thus maximising the surface area contact and giving a consistent gun mount.

The recoil forces the base layer into a controlled compression, absorbing energy over a longer period of time. The facing layer is stretched at the same time absorbing more energy and making the gun more stable and comfortable to shoot.


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Isis pads

11mm, 14mm, 19mm, 20mm adjustable, 25mm adjustable

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