New Flight Pheasant Dummy Ball

New Flight Pheasant Dummy Ball


New Flight Pheasant Dummy Ball

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New Flight Pheasant Dummy Ball


NEW and Exclusive!

Introducing The Flight Pheasant Dummy Range by Sporting Saint

A Pheasant Print available across our range of quality dummies. Each dummy, just like a pheasant bird has its own unique pattern.

The material used to make the Flight Pheasant allows the dummy in both 1/2lb and 1llb size to stand up on one end in the water as a marking dummy, providing an excellent training visual.

Buy and use with confidence

The Range Includes – 

  • Puppy dummy
  • 1/2lb dummy
  • 1lb Dummy
  • 2lb Dummy
  • Dummy Ball
  • Snipe Dummy
  • Endless Dummies
  • 3 Piece Dummies
  • Bird Dummies – Coming soon

Designed and made by Sporting Saint in the UK.

Copy right -Sporting Saint

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