ProHunt  Electronic Headset

ProHunt  Electronic Headset


ProHunt  Electronic Headset

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ProHunt  Electronic Headset


The Verney-Carron ProHunt electronic headset allows the shooter to protect their hearing from gunfire while amplifying the sounds of nature or human voices.
The Verney-Carron ProHunt Electronic Helmet provides effective protection against detonations caused by firearms, while letting in quieter noises and sounds.
These electronic headphones cut sounds above 82d b, the rest of the time, it amplifies the sounds of your surroundings .

It has 6 levels of intensity to adjust the amplification of sounds.

It also has an audio input to connect, for example, a walkie-talkie or a telephone .

Technical characteristics:
Adjustable and foldable headband.

Attenuation value: SNR 25 db, meets EN 352-1 and EN 352-4 standards.

Works with 2 AAA batteries not included

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