Ballistol Gunex Special Spray 200ml or 400ml

Ballistol Gunex Special Spray 200ml or 400ml


Ballistol Gunex Special Spray 200ml or 400ml



Ballistol Gunex Special Spray 200ml or 400ml

Gun Care with Gunex Gun Oil the proven Gun Oil from Ballistol.

Gunex Gun Oil Spray contains additively compressed air to safe the environment. Gunex is also available as liquid gun oil and in bundles with professional oiler with atomizers as an alternative to spray cans.

Gunex Gun Oil Spray is the perfect oil for the long-term preservation of bare metallic parts, even in extreme conditions (-50°C up to 100°C). Gunex Gun Oil Spray removes powder and tombac residues, ensures that the complete mechanisms of rifles, pistols and revolvers run smoothly, cares and protects. Resins of unsuitable oils are dissolved. Gunex Gun Oil creeps between metal and moisture, infiltrates hairline cracks, cleans, keeps surfaces smooth, does not get sticky or resinify either. Gunex oil spray is free from silicone.

Gunex Gun Oil performs perfect rust protection in all climate zones – including the tropics! With Gunex, everything stays protected against rust even in wet conditions. Also suitable for the care of fishing rods, telescopic pull-outs and barrels. Protects and cares for moving components, shiny metals, screw joints and traction systems, also against salty air and splash water and prevents from freeze. Gunex Gun Oil dissolves resin dirt and tar and protects metal and chrome parts from corrosion for a long term.

Gunex Gun Oil is also approved in industry, handicraft, and household.

Read more about the application possibilities of Gunex Spray in other fields.

Gunex is proved on DIN and is a brilliant creep oil.

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200ml, 400ml

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