Pro Shot Benchrest Bronze Brush

Pro Shot Benchrest Bronze Brush


Pro Shot Benchrest Bronze Brush





Pro-Shot Bronze Bristle/Brass
Core Bore Brush

A half-worn Pro-Shot brush cleans as good as a brand new brush from
the other guys…

How does Pro-Shot build its
famous brushes?

#1 – Brass Core/Bronze
Bristles –
Our brush cleans the barrel
completely.  A brass core brush holds the bristles tighter resulting in a
longer lasting, better cleaning brush versus brushes with aluminum cores.  The bronze bristles add to that strength in
cleaning and longer brush life.






#2 – Bristle Size/Distribution
with superior over-sized bronze bristles that are larger than standard with
more bristles per inch.  This allows for a
tighter fitting, longer lasting brush. Watch us out-clean the competition!






#3 – Looped Brush End – The
ends of our pistol, rifle, and shotgun brushes are looped, not sheared off like
other brushes.  A looped end keeps t
he core intact longer and eliminates
the hazard of damage to the bore, action, or firing pin.  This is why our brush is deemed a “No Harm
Bore Brush.”






#4 – Brass Coupling – Our
brass coupling is made to hold the core longer and tighter.  It also has precision threads to keep the
brush screwed in for all the passes needed to clean the firearm.


#5 – NO ALUMINUM – Our brushes are
constructed without the use of any aluminum.
Aluminum is softer and more malleable.
This results in quicker wear, easily bendable cores, and poor coupling
strength when compared to brass/bronze counterparts.  Have no fear, the metals used in our brushes
are still softer than barrel steel and will not harm the firearm.

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