FX Crown MKII Continuum Synthetic FAC 22


FX Crown MKII Continuum Synthetic FAC 22


Crown MKII Continuum Synthetic FAC

Embodying every technical advancement FX has conceived to date, the brand-new FX Crown is quite simply Airgun Royalty. With a ground-breaking new barrel system that has left the airgun world speechless and gun manufacturers everywhere in a state of shock, the FX Crown is the most progressively engineered and accurate air rifle ever created. Period. After receiving such critical acclaim to the superior features of the earlier FX Impact, the FX engineers knew that many would desire these same features in a more traditionally designed hunting rifle.

Enter, the Crown. The newly announced FX Crown is extraordinary; not just for incorporating a plethora of adjustments and fine-tuning options, but also for ushering in the advancement of the FX Smooth Twist X Barrel and Interchangeable Barrel Liner System.

Continuum comes in cut-out case equipped with picatinny rail action. 400 mm and 700 mm barrel with moderator is included.


  • Calibre 4,5 (.177) 5,5 (.22) 6,35 (.25) 7,62 (.30)
  • Barrel FX Smooth Twist X Match Grade
  • Optics 11 mm Dovetail Scope Mount
  • Muzzle Built-In Shroud (Variations May Occur Depending on Model/Calibre)
  • Trigger Adjustable Match Trigger (Variations May Occur).
  • Energy 4,5 (.177): 24 J • 18 ft/lbs 4,5 (.177): 16J • 11.5 ft/lbs+ 5,5 (.22): 41 J • 30 ft/lbs 5,5 (.177): 16J 11.5 ft/lbs+ 6,35 (.25): 65 J • 47 ft/lbs 7,62 (.30): 102 J • 75 ftlbs
  • Weight Laminate 2,9 kg
  • Walnut 2,8 kg
  • Synthetic 2,6 kg
  • Charging Foster Quick Disconnect
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