Benelli V/Rib Comfortech 28″

Benelli V/Rib Comfortech 28″


Benelli V/Rib Comfortech 28″

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Benelli V/Rib Comfortech 28″

The piston is in Benelli’s patented recoil dampening ComforTech™. Slightly raised fore sight for quick target acquisition and matte black barrel and buttplate. Steel shot approved. Slug pipe is available as an extra accessory. Light, fast and robust. The piston is in ComforTech™ This revolutionary system reduces recoil by up to 48% and muzzle rise by 15%. A set of spacers is included and makes it easy to adjust the drop and taper.


  • Steel shot approved.
  • CrioTech™ barrel.


  • Spout length: 66cm or 71cm
  • Caliber: 12 & 20
  • Cartridge position: 3″
  • Weight: 3.2kg and 2.6kg



  • Delivered with case
  • Five chokes
  • Choke key
  • Dual sets of shims.


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