ATA Pro 12 32″ Sport Adjustable

ATA Pro 12 32″ Sport Adjustable


ATA Pro 12 32″ Sport Adjustable

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ATA Pro 12 32″ Sport Adjustable

ATA SP PRO 12 Shotgun; where tradition meets innovation to redefine excellence in shooting sports. Crafted with a fusion of 50 years of master craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, this shotgun stands as a testament to ATA’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Experience the pinnacle of performance with the SP PRO 12 Competition shotgun, meticulously designed to surpass all expectations. Featuring an array of exceptional features, it effortlessly outshines its competitors.

At its core, the SP Pro 12 prioritizes shooter comfort and control. Its superior ergonomics guarantee a seamless shooting experience, ensuring consistent accuracy with every shot fired. With an adjustable comb and ergonomic butt pad, customization is key – allowing shooters to find their perfect stance and optimize their field of vision.

Constructed with a Grade 2 walnut stock, this shotgun epitomizes durability without compromising on aesthetics. The detachable trigger unit simplifies maintenance and customization, while the 10mm to 8mm tapered rib enhances sight alignment and target acquisition.

Experience unparalleled responsiveness with the push-button easily detachable trigger unit and 5 position adjustable trigger, offering effortless assembly with each pull without using any tools. Plus, with quick-change extended chokes including F, IM, M, IC, and SK, versatility is at your fingertips.

For those seeking to fine-tune their performance, optional competition barrel and stock weights (20gr / 40gr) are available, allowing for precise balance adjustments tailored to individual preferences.

The SP PRO 12 shotgun boasts an innovative design with chrome-lined barrels and elongated forcing cones, developed in collaboration with Teague Precision.This collaboration achieves a remarkable 26.7% reduction in recoil, enhancing the smoothness of follow-up shots and improving accuracy. Additionally, the inclusion of a specialized recoil pad ensures durability and comfort during use..

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