Browning 725 Sporter 30″


Browning 725 Sporter 30″

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Browning 725 Sporter 30″

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Browning 725 Sporter 30″

The new BROWNING® B725 is an aesthetic and technical revolution in Over and Under shotguns. Based on the legendary B25, it is innovative whilst retaining the many existing design features of the B525, which make it the most outstanding Over & Under shotgun on the market.

Browning B725 Sporter 30″ Multichoke 12G Shotgun – Product Features

Inflex II®technology

A flawless recoil absorbtion.

An Inflex II recoil pad is fitted on all BROWNING B725 shotguns as standard. This ultra flexible recoil pad provides the best recoil absorption possible on a shotgun. This exclusive material makes shouldering easier.


Invector-DS™ Chokes

An unequaled performance.

Invector DS™ chokes offer the best performance on the market. At 80mm long and with an exclusive internal shaping, they are designed to deliver the finest performance at any shooting distance.

They also ensure better pattern consistency for lead and steel shot. Finally, their patented gas seal limits the spread of gases to keep the choke clean, and makes them easy to remove

browning b725 chokes

Low action frame

A superior shooting comfort.

The low action frame provides the following benefits when shooting. It enables faster aiming and therefore more instinctive shooting. Thanks to the frame’s inline recoil providing a more comfortable shooting position, it reduces muzzle flip and makes for good maneuverability and effectiveness when shooting.

b725 browning base


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