Diamond Sharpener Model S


Diamond Sharpener Model S


Diamond Sharpener Model S

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Diamond Sharpener Model S

Most anglers assume when they take a hook out of a packet it is going to be sharp, unfortunately this is not true. The Diamond Hook Sharpener has a groove running down its side to prevent the hook from slipping whilst being sharpening and is virtually idiot prove.
Imagine your hook point is square, and you are sharpening the 3 outer edges. Place your hook, point up, in the groove at the top of the sharpener and simply run the hook down along the groove to the bottom. Then turn your hook to the side and repeat, then turn the hook to the opposite side and repeat once more. It really is as easy as that and now you have a razor sharp hook.

Eze-Lap Hook Sharpener Features

  • 2-1/4″ Diamond D shaped shaft with groove for fishhooks.
  • Opens to 5-7/16″.
  • Stores in pen type cap

To Sharpen a Hook

  1. Grasp the point of the hook between forefinger and thumb as if to squeeze the point.
  2. Force the EZE-LAP between your thumb and finger so it contacts the point or barb. Your thumb and finger act as a sharpening guide to achieve the right angle.
  3. Test the point on you thumbnail. If it skids on your nail under very low pressure, sharpen it again. Be very careful not to puncture your nail with the ultra-sharp point EZE-LAP will give your hook.
  4. The EZE-LAP Model “S” pocket clip tool has a small flat area with a groove on the back of the sharpener. A hook is sharpened by rubbing the point back and forth in this groove, with the final finishing strokes made into the point.


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