InfiRay Rico RH50 Thermal Scope


InfiRay Rico RH50 Thermal Scope


InfiRay – Rico RH50 – Thermal Scope

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InfiRay Rico RH50

The RICO RH50 is a thermal scope made by iRayand is part of the Rico series.


The Rico RH50 comes equipped with a clear 50mm f/1.1 lens to capture thermal signatures. The FOV on this thermal scope measures 5 x 3 degrees. It has an eye relief distance of 55mm and the exit pupil diameter is 6mm.

Inside the housing of the Rico RH50 you’ll find the (uncooled, 12µm) 640 by 512 pixel thermal sensor with a refresh rate of 50Hz. The NETD of this thermal scope is <50mK.

The measurements of this thermal scope are 250 x 61 x 58mm (l/w/h) and weighs 2594g. It’s protected against dust, shocks and water (splashes).

The Rico RH50 is built for hunting trips and law enforcement (police, border patrol etc.).

***** Range Finder is not included and is an optional extra*****


  • AMOLED Micro Display
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
  • High Shock Resistance
  • 12 µm Thermal Imaging Sensor
  • Optional LRF module
  • Replaceable Battery Pack
  • Video Recording
  • Accelerometer and Digital Compass
Lens 50 mm
F-ratio 1.1
Eye relief distance 55 mm
Exit pupil diameter 6 mm
Optical zoom 2.8 x
Digital zoom 11.2 x
FOV (h/v) 5 ° / 3 °
Thermal type Uncooled
Sensor resolution (h/v) 640 pixels / 512 pixels
Pixel pitch 12 µm
Sensitivity 50 mK
Display resolution (h/v) 1024 pixels / 768 pixels
Refresh rate 50 Hz
Output screen color Full color


InfiRay Rico Series
InfiRay Rico Series
InfiRay Rico Series
InfiRay Rico Series
 InfiRay Rico series

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