Infiray Saim SCP19 Thermal Scope


Infiray Saim SCP19 Thermal Scope


Infiray Saim SCP19 Thermal Scope

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Infiray Saim SCP19 Thermal Scope

Saim SCP19


Check out the Saim on the link below

The first SCP demo units arrived and they are really good; in fact even better than I hoped for.

I would say they easily beat the ATN MARS 4 2-8x scope for image quality, for less than half the price, as well as being less than half the weight and less than half the  size.

More details coming soon along with some videos, but they are here now if anyone would like to try them

The images above are actually the SCT35, but the SCP19 is identical other than the smaller front lens.


Cliff  Ray

Meet Saim Series

The Saim series thermal imaging scope is designed with portability and ease of operation in mind. Ergonomic design and excellent image quality make the Saim series an excellent companion, even in rain or fog.



  • High Image Quality 

Using the InfiRay detector, matched to the Matrix ⅢTM powerful algorithm, the Saim provides increased imaging clarity and overall image detail. Matrix ⅢTM results in a sharper, more detailed field of view and enhanced object identification


  • User-Friendly Interface

Simple and easy operation was the design philosophy used to create the Saim series. A full icon design, easy to understand options and the translucent background design of menus avoid blocking your image at the crucial moment.  Internal menu items and options are also displayed on a contrasting gradient background, so you can keep an eye on settings without losing sight of your objective.


  • Image Sharpness Adjustment

Image sharpness can be adjusted manually to fit individual preferences for high quality image. There are four levels which can be quickly selected to suit changing conditions.




  • Ultraclear Mode

Ultraclear mode is especially designed for bad weather such as heavy fog and rain. It increases sensitivity to show details no other scope will.




  • Compact Size and Lightweight

With well thought out ergonomics and a compact, lightweight design, the Saim series is delight to use in the field.


  • High Shock Resistance

The Saim series features exceptionally high shock resistance up to 1000g; more than enough for any rifle or shotgun.

  • External Power Supply

The working time can be significantly prolonged by connecting an external power supply unit using the Type-C cable included with the scope.


  • Picture-in-Picture Function

Picture-in-Picture improves accuracy by providing a 2x magnified image of the reticule area at the top of the display. It helps to magnify the target while keeping the rest of the field of view visible.


Model SCP19 SCL25 SCL35 SCT35
Resolution 256×192 384×288 384×288 384×288
Pixel Size, μm 12 17 17 12
NETD, mK ≤50
Frame Rate, Hz 25 50 50 50
Objective Lens, mm 19 25 35 35
Field of View 9.2°×6.9° 14.9°×11.2° 10.7°×8° 7.5°×5.7°
Magnification 2.3-4.6 1.4-5.6 2.0-8.0 2.85-11.4
Diopter Adjustment -5D~+5D
Display Resolution 1280×960 LCOS
WiFi & Recorder × × ×
Compass & Motion Sensor × ×
Battery Type CR123×2
Max. Battery Life, hours 8 4 4 3.5
Weight (without batteries), g <370 <410 <410 <410
Dimension, mm 150×60×60 180×60×60 193×60×60 193×60×60
Detection Range, m

(Target size:1.7m×0.5m, P(n)=99%)

986 970 1283 1818




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