Pard NV007SP LRF Gen 2 Rear Add On

Pard NV007SP LRF Gen 2 Rear Add On


Pard NV007SP LRF Gen 2 Rear Add On

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Pard NV007SP LRF Gen 2 Rear Add On

Pard NV007SP Gen2 NV Rear Add On. Convert most traditional day scopes to a night vision predator in a matter of seconds. The latest upgrade to Pards best selling Night vision add-on the NV007SP features a host of changes that will take your night shooting to an all new level.

Possibly the biggest change existing users will notice is in the image quality. Replacing the highly regarded 1920x1080px sensor is an all new CMOS 2k unit with a 2560x1440px resolution. Now with even sharper images, more detail the NV007SP relays its video at a 30Hz frame rate to a high resolution OLED eyepiece display.

To maximise the effectiveness of the sensor, Pard have added a directional IR unit using VCSEL technology to push IR illumination out to a massive 350m. And the features dont stop there the 007SP gets an IP67 water proof rating, USB C charging and self activated recording as standard.

Attaching the device is also very easy, simply fit the adapter to your traditional rifle scope and then clip the unit on. When you are finished using it unclip the device and you can use your day optics as normal.

The standard battery provided with the unit will get the Optic working and useable for a certain amount of time. It is recommended that a separate, higher quality battery is purchased to achieve optimal run time and performance from your unit.



  • Resolution(px): 2560*1440
  • Sensitivity(Lux): 0.001
  • Frame rate(Hz): 30


  • Objective lens(mm): 22.5
  • Optical magnification(x): 4
  • Digital zoom(x): 1-3.5x
  • Continuous digital zoom(x): 4-14x
  • Field of view (HV)
    • Horizontal: 22 Degrees
    • Vertical: 12 Degrees
    • Diagonal: 25 Degrees
  • Eye relief(mm): 25
  • Diopter adjustment: /- 5D
  • Focus range: 3cm-Inf
  • Adaptor diameter(mm): 45/48

IR Illuminator

  • IR type: VCSEL
  • IR power(w): 5
  • IR illuminating level: 3 Levels
  • IR distance: 350m/383yds
  • IR wavelength(nm): 850


  • Type: OLED
  • Resolution(px): 1024×768
  • Color mode: Color/Black and white

Photo / Video

  • Photo resolution(px): 2592×1944
  • Photo format: JPG
  • Video resolution(px): 1920×1080
  • Video format: MP4
  • Storage: TF card(128GB MAX)

Main Function

  • Red dot: No
  • Self-activated recording: Yes
  • Auto recording: Yes
  • Loop recording: Yes
  • Time stamp: Yes
  • Record audio: Yes
  • Beep sound: Yes
  • Exposure: Yes


  • USB Type-C: Yes
  • HDMI output: Yes


  • WiFi: Yes
  • Supported Apps: PardVision

Power Supply

  • Battery type: 18650 Li-ion Battery
  • Output voltage(V): 3.7
  • Operating time(h,max): 8
  • External power supply(V): USB Type-C


  • Degree of protection: IP67
  • Operating temp: -25C 40C/-13F104F
  • Recoil power(J): 6000


  • Housing: AL6061 & Plastic
  • Objective lens: Glass


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