PARD NV008s Night Vision

PARD NV008s Night Vision


PARD NV008s  Night Vision

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PARD NV008s Night Vision


The Pard NV008S is amongst the most affordable nightvision riflescopes on the market and looks set to be just as popular as the model its taking over from the NV008P. With the 008P winning the night vision product of the year for 2021 this model is set to be a favourite as its an even bigger step up and improvement on its predecessor. Compatible with both daytime and night use the NV008 is a compact all in one rifle scope capable of meeting the demands of most shooters. Built with a high definition 1024×768 OLED Screen this Pard offers class leading image quality and a level of performance mostly seen in units twice its price. Made to withstand up to 8 hours of use on a single charge and with a detection range of up to 200m the NV008 is more than a match for most hunting needs. Add in its host of recording features on a 1920×1080 resolution camera, smart phone connectivity and E-compass technology and you have a winning companion for every hunting trip. This rifle scope comes with ballistic calculation as the bullets travel can be precisely calculated allowing for accurate shooting whilst thew self-recording switch means the full shooting process will be intelligently auto-recorded and saved so you never miss a moment. Pard VLEA is their self-developed engine model Pard R&D team have created an imaging engine module that provides an enhanced visual image, with quality improved by more than 20% when compared with the 008P. The unit comes with a choice of reticles and is ideal for daytime vermin or stalking shots with the ability to switch to night mode for vermin and fox control with HD image quality when required accessed via USB-C.


Magnification – 6.5x – 13x

Output Type – AVI

Voltage – 3.7V

Video Resolution – 1920 x 1080

Eyepiece Resolution – 1024 x 768

IR Wavelength – 850nm

Storage Type – SD Card

Focusing – 3cm – infinite

IR Power – 5W

Frame Rate – 30fps

Dimensions – 182mm x 70mm x 53.5mm

Weight – 415g

Battery Life – 8 Hours

Transmission Method – WiFi

IR Illuminate Distance – 350m

Battery – 18650 x 1


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