Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Spotter *** New Model ***

Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Spotter *** New Model ***


Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Spotter *** New Model ***

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Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Spotter *** New Model ***


With a high-resolution 640 x 512 sensor for capturing every detail, the Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Imaging Camera is the ideal companion for demanding hunts. It expertly detects heat sources and delivers high-contrast images with less noise over distances up to 2,635 metres. The 7-hour battery life, pre-programmed observation modes, and Movement Alert make the DTI 4/50 a standout choice for hunting.

Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Imaging Camera Key Features:

  • Portable, high-quality thermal imaging camera ideal for hide hunting
  • Incredibly compact, lightweight optics with a range of 2,635 metres
  • Capture details at all zoom levels with a 640 x 512 sensor and ZSIP
  • 50mm focal length with a field of view of 15 metres at 100 metres
  • 50 Hz display frame rate for smooth viewing and reduced eye strain
  • Features stabilising Transition Zoom with up to 4x magnification
  • Includes 8 colour modes to provide options that suit your needs
  • Features hot tracking and Picture in Picture (PIP) for easy viewing
  • Movement Alert tracks the hottest source for hands-free observation
  • Detection mode enables you to find animals in dense areas easily
  • Tailor colour modes and max zoom with customisable settings
  • Includes 3-pre programmed observation modes for various scenarios
  • Smart Standby extends the impressive 7-hour battery life further
  • Comes with a carrying case for easy transport and storage

Expanded Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Imaging Camera Key Features:

High-Quality Thermal Imaging

Capturing high-resolution images with the Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Imaging Camera is simple, thanks to the 640 x 512 sensor and ZSIP. The sensor delivers high-contrast, detailed photos of subjects or targets, even over long distances, with incredible performance across all zoom levels. It has an extended detection range with less noise at the same zoom level compared to a smaller sensor. The camera has a field of view of 15 metres at 100 metres and exceptional image processing for reliable detection of heat sources. With a 2,635-metre maximum range, you can achieve detailed recognition at impressive distances.

Movement Alert is a unique feature that tracks the hottest heat source and notifies the user when it moves via the LED on the top of the device flashing or the display turning on. The alert makes it possible to monitor an area hands-free, which is ideal for long hunts in a raised hide. The device also includes Smart Standby, so you can avoid wasting battery life and prolong your adventures while preventing the need to carry charging equipment.

Enhanced Viewing

With many valuable viewing modes, seasoned hunters can observe wildlife even behind bushes and trees with the Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Imaging Camera. The AMOLED 50Hz display offers smooth, flicker-free viewing of your images, regardless of how you view them. Transition zoom can constantly track a herd while you jump the zoom level up to 4x in magnification so that sight of your target is never lost. Picture in Picture (PiP) makes this even more accessible by overlaying the zoomed image on the visual image. With Detection Mode and Hot Tracking, you’ll receive assistance finding warmer subjects for a seamless hunting experience. The DTI 4/50 includes three pre-programmed modes–universal, detect, and fog–for a better view of your target in various conditions.

There are also eight available colour modes, including ‘black hot’ and ‘white hot’ for high-contrast images, ‘red hot’ for fast detection of heat sources in dense vegetation, and ‘rainbow’ for minute temperature changes. Four colour modes have been redesigned for reduced glare and eye strain in dark environments: ‘red hue,’ ‘dark hue,’ ‘green hue,’ and ‘night eye.’ These modes offer ample options for choosing a viewing experience suitable for you.

Customisable Settings

The Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Imaging Camera considers your individuality, offering options for activating or deactivating specific colour modes and limiting zoom levels. With the DTI 4/50, you can access Compass Overlay, which will help you determine your bearings or the location of your target. Shortcuts reduce the need to use the menu to access functions with pre-programmed button combinations, enabling you to quickly control settings such as taking pictures or videos and switching between viewing modes.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Imaging Camera
  • 1 x Neoprene Strap
  • 1 x Carrying Case Including Shoulder Strap
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x USB Adapter
  • 1 x Optics Cleaning Cloth


Does the Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Imaging Camera come with any accessories?

Yes, the Zeiss DTI 4/50 comes with a neoprene strap, a carrying case with a shoulder strap, a USB cable, a USB adapter, and a cleaning cloth for the optics. Everything you need to use the device and prevent damage during storage and transport is provided.

What temperatures is the Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Imaging Camera suitable for?

The operating temperature of the Zeiss DTI 4/50 is between -10°C and +50°C, enabling use in a wide range of weather conditions from freezing to hot without altering performance.

Does the Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Imaging Camera have Bluetooth connectivity?

No, the Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Imaging Camera does not have Bluetooth connectivity but does feature WLAN connectivity for data transfer.

Does the Zeiss DTI 4/50 Thermal Imaging Camera have any internal storage?

Yes, the device has a generous 32GB of internal storage for saving your files and playback.

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