Raven Electronic Clay Trap


Raven Electronic Clay Trap


Raven Electronic Clay Trap

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Raven Electronic Clay Trap


Footpedal release with 25 foot cord (adjustable).

Adjustable cord lengths using your own 3 prong extension cords.

Target auto feeder loads directly to throwing arm.

Built-in wheels and pull handle.

50 clay stack with 5o-35o launch angles and 2.5 second recycle time.

Attachable safety ring guard. Powered by any deep cycle battery.

This unit has the ability to launch clays from 55-80 yards. Works with standard and biodegradable targets. Ability to alter spring tension, by hand, with its’ unique spring tensioning system. This unit also boasts a safety pin, disarm feature and reinforced safety ring for a safe and enjoyable trap shooting experience.







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