Fanfarillo Beretta DT10/11 Stock

Fanfarillo Beretta DT10/11 Stock


Fanfarillo Beretta DT10/11 Stock

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Fanfarillo Beretta DT10/11 Stock

Grip options medium or large in glove grip or Medium in standard grip

Fanfarillo’s clay shooting stocks are made with high quality materials including Ergal 7075 and allow you to obtain custom-made classic or anatomically shaped grips, while careful workmanship to the smallest details makes them beautiful objects and in harmony with any type of weapon .

What are the advantages of Evolution football?

Choosing the Evolution stock patented by Claudio Fanfarillo means focusing on a product with a refined and functional design, designed for the unique needs of each shooter thanks to the possibility of tailor-made adjustment.

In this way, football can be best used by novices – in particular the younger ones – who will have the opportunity to practice volley shooting with the help of a product that allows the adjustments to be intuitively adapted to the notions acquired during the training. Furthermore, for adolescents, Evolution football is perfect for accompanying them during their sporting and physical growth, adapting to the natural change in their physiognomy.

Football Evolution | Fanfarillo
Football Evolution | Fanfarillo

The perfect balance of the weapon

The advantages of Fanfarillo’s multi-adjustable Evolution stock are also evident for professional shooters who will have the opportunity to refine every detail to the minimum in order to improve their performance during clay pigeon shooting.

Elements such as the length of the stock and the distance of the comb from the action can be customized to find the right balance of the weapon, proportionate to the shooter’s measurements to allow him to obtain the best performance. Same thing for the pitch angle which will better accompany the conformation of the chest and shoulder for more effective aiming.

The complete range of adjustments offered by the Evolution stock guarantees its natural adaptation to every individual characteristic, physical, postural and alignment with the target, while maintaining that aesthetic elegance of the lines that distinguishes Claudio Fanfarillo products.

  • Recoiled and impetus reduced (effect two to specially designed its trapezoidal the structure)
  • Structure made in Ergal 7075
  • Possibility of making custom guns (traditional or with glove)
  • Regular-sized guns (at the junction point with the ergal bracket) as in classic wooden kicks
  • Adaptable on any type of weapon (overexposed or parallel) with tie rod or without
  • Adjusting the height and diversion of the halve
  • Length adjustment
  • Deviation regulation
  • Adjustment angle of pitch
  • Regulation of the Monte Carlo
  • Possibility of rotation of the stock (optional) to maximize the feeling of comfort to the shoulder


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